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WELCOME to the Blue Horse Art T-shirts and gifts. From this page you can order and purchase blue horse art T-shirts and gifts. As new t-shirts and gifts become available they will be posted here.

Please review the following t-shirts and drinkware designed by blue horse art and available from Cafepress.


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T-shirts are available in this design on black tshirts from cafepress - go to

Below the image it says: A Navajo legend tells when the skies are blue and clear Johano-ai, the sun god, is riding his favorite, strongest and most valuable horse - the blue horse.

Bluehorseart design 1
T-shirts and drinkware are available in this design from cafepress - go to

Much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from the time spent at Save the Horses, a horse rescue and retirement organization in Cumming, Georgia.

A part of the proceeds from my paintings and prints goes to the horse rescue so they can continue to help these amazing animals. Without our help, horses and all animals will continue to suffer at the hands of humans. Please make room in your heart for donations to your favorite animal cause.

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