blue horse art  


blue horse art

Blue Horse paintings are not just about horses, they are about those wonderful days where the sky is blue and clear, where the breezes are gentle and life is fun. The paintings will brighten up your house, your office or just your outlook. They really are about a "blue horse day."

For the horse enthusiast, blue horses represent all horses. You can see your favorite horse in a blue horse painting. The stance, the roll, the kick and the way the head is held, all represent the everyday things we see in horses. The blue horses look familiar. They have a way of expressing the wisdom, the gentleness and beauty that is seen in all horses.

Blue horses bring a bright future into your home. They make you smile. Brighten up you collection with a blue horse - he will remind you everyday of the bright, clear, fantastic days ahead.

Add a blue horse to your collection. Contact Henry Patton today for prices on blue horses or if you are in the Metro Atlanta area you can see blue horse paintings at Strawberry Fields Art Gallery on Birmingham Hwy at Crabapple Corners in Milton, GA.

Also available are other blue horse prints. These are Giclée originals printed on paper. The same type of process as on canvas but printed on high quality paper. Each print is supervised, signed and numbered by Henry.

"Sunrise, the Journey Begins"   © Henry Patton 2007


Giclées* printed on canvas are now available. Giclée prints are so much like the original it's hard to tell the difference. Printed in a limited edition to exacting standards, supervised, number, and signed by Henry, these are collector's editions. The edition size is 150 LE canvases printed 24"x24." Each Giclée is varnished and hand stretched, ready for framing.

To order a Giclée, CONTACT Henry Patton

*Giclée, pronounced "zhee-clay," is just a another name for an inkjet print. The word giclée is a French word meaning "to spray." Any output from any inkjet printer, even your home printer, could technically be called a giclée print. But in the art industry, giclée has become the standard term used to describe archival fine art reproduction prints.

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