blue horse art  


about blue horse art

blue horses come from the imagination of Henry Patton.

A Navajo legend tells when the skies are blue and clear, Johano-ai, the sun god, is riding his favorite, strongest and most valuable horse - the blue horse. From this came the idea of a blue horse in every pasture, barn, show and anywhere horses hang out when the skies are blue and clear.

"For me, the blue horse signifies what is great about horses. They are hope, wisdom, gentleness and beauty all rolled into one. Blue horses have that feeling of a day with blue skies, clearness, and a bright future for all animals. And, I hope they will give you the same feeling of a sunny day with blue skies when you purchase one of my paintings or prints.

Try a blue horse - hang one on your wall, sit one on your desk. There is something mystical about them. Let one grace your presence, as they have mine, with a beauty that will give you many years of pleasure and a hope for blue skies in your future."

Please review our Gallery, you might find a painting or print you want to take home with you, they can be purchased online.

If you are in metro Atlanta, look for blue horses at your favorite horse show, at the Mother's Day Pow Wow in Canton and at ARF(animal rescue fair and pet adoptions) in Alpharetta at Wills Park Equestrian Center.

Henry Patton

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