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About Laughingwolf Studio and Henry Patton

Henry Patton is the resident artist and owner of Laughing Wolf Studio.  He was a photographer, graphic artist and illustrator for many years before deciding to concentrate on the painting of animals.

When he started his painting studio he decided to name it Laughingwolf Studio, the name comes partly from a comment made by a person who told him, "he reminded her of a laughing Wolf". The name fit so well since for the first several years, he specialized in painting wolves before moving on to painting all wildlife and other animals.

After several years of painting only wolves including making a couple of trips to Yellowstone to observe wolves in their natural habitat.  He decided it was time to paint other wildlife since on his trips west he had been able to observe many other animals in their wild habitats.  After several years of painting other wildlife many from his native area in Georgia, especially birds (hawks, owls, pileated woodpeckers, etc.), deer, cats, rccoons.

Henry moved out of Atlanta to north of Atlanta in what he discovered was horse country.  He found many horse farms all around him; and after visiting and getting to know several of the horse farms he started painting horses. He painted Portraits and show horses at local horse shows building a reputation and enjoying success as a equine/equestrian painter.

About that time he got involved with horse rescue working with Save the Horses, a rescue farm in the area where he was living.  He started volunteering and working with their horses. It brought him in contact with many more subjects for his paintings.  He helped them with publicity, design and their web site, eventually becoming involved nationally with saving horses from horse slaughter for human consumption. As part of horse rescue he became involved in dog rescue and other rescue projects, such as Animals Asia which rescues moon bears from deplorable conditions.  

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